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Visionario ༄ Visionary
Visionary is a painting that represents the archetype of the Vision. The Visionary is a being who was born on the Sun and has lived thousands of years on Earth to collaborate in accelerating the evolutionary process of human beings. He has circular glasses that amplify his Universal vision. Its red and blue eyes symbolize being able to see beyond duality from its internal balance. His third eye is always awake where he grows and expands like a tree full of galactic wisdom of the Universe
Visionary is a being who lives beyond the dogmas and beliefs established by society, who thinks and feels outside the limits of the box of thoughts. He is devoted to the Light, to his personal growth and creative projects that contribute to the creation of a better world. He lives connected with his spirit, intuition, and imagination. Irradiating all the Light spectrum mostly connected with the green color, which is a symbol of the open heart in contact with inner nature. 
He thrives  in peace and happily dresses in a shirt made by harmonized subatomic energy molecules. Reminding us that all the wisdom of the Universe lives within oneself. 
Visionary inspires creativity, the balance between science and spirituality, vision, prosperity, and serenity.