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Sol de Viento ༄ Sun of Wind
Sol de Viento is a living organic installation inspired by my research thesis work on the Mandala as a ludic vehicle for healing and Self-discovery in 2008. The mandala is a circular geometric form where it is born from a central point, where we can see this divine natural pattern is an infinity of forms of  our internal and external Universe. Throughout the history of artistic expression and human communication, this mandala symbol has been expressed by various uses and intentions, mostly as a ritual of spiritual connection and healing. 
Through the knowledge of this art, I created a Land Art installation with mostly organic materials. They were  created in  spaces that inspire meditation, reflection, and internal contemplation. The way that all natural elements are located creates sensations  of rooting, bringing the living earth to an interior space. Creating balance with a sense of spiritual elevation by the flying elements that offer the effect of levitation in ascendant spiral form pattern. 
This piece was created in the beginning by painting and carving a circular piece of 8 feet in diameter with hundreds of spirals of different colors and sizes from a spiral in the center point as a core. Around this circular mix media art piece, I drew a ring with sand from the beach integrating mirrors. Embraced by the natural grass where I sculpted a Solar form. In the grass, I used full leaves, flower petals, and fragments of natural ceramic.

The art installation has some air details, such as sea shells, circular mirrors, and vines of  ficus trees that I wove in different sized circles, levitating aprox. 20 ft high in the air. Once the Sol de Viento art installation was completed,  I drew an 8 feet in diameter honey spiral from center, expanding outwards.

All materials were carefully selected and collected with the intention of returning them back to a natural place. In gratitude for all its natural growth process and for having created  diverse, interactive experiences for the enjoyment of people who  participated in the art installation at the Las Americas Museum in San Juan Puerto Rico.  
On the last day of the Sol de Viento exhibition, an artistic collaboration was carried out with an international campaign of a new Haute Couture collection within my Sol de Viento installation. 



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