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This painting is Prana the Holy communion between Gaia (Mother Earth) and the subtle Spirit of oxygen that gives her breath and life. Prana represents all the subtle microparticles that build the Life of Oxygen on Planet Earth. The Prana Spirit gives Gaia a sacred present for her beauty that was the Breath Life that was going to set her apart among all the planets of her Galaxy, the Air that refreshes the ether, the energy breathing that feeds our soul each present moment. 
Prana gives us the strength to live within the Earth, gives life to fire and movement to the waters. The spirit of Prana in a gratitude to Gaia offers a second gift to the living beings that inhabit inside her. That was the sound, which then was created by human language by the sounds’ compositions. The communication develops all around Gaia. So the living beings could inspire and communicate with their Breath of Life back the gratitude to the Source of Creative Light of the entire Universe.



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