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Picaflor ༄ Hummingbird Medicine
Hummingbird medicine is a healing, high frequency art painting filled with symbols and archetypes. It shows the  sacred dance between the humminbird and the serpent, as well as earth and sky dancing together in harmony — exchanging and balancing energy frequency merging in Oneness.
The Hummingbird brings love as no other medicine can. It also brings rejuvenation and renewal of magic and the potential of living in wholeness. The Hummingbird communicates the joy of the Creator of Life, bringing inspiration to others while it flies with grace in its sacred path. The serpent brings constant transformation and alchemy — changing from an energy body to a new one. It displays the movement of evolution of energy living in a transitory physical body. It remains connected to Mother Earth, fire, air, water and ether.  The metamorphosis and intuitive creativity of the Creator  brings health and renewal as she passes through the Earth. 



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