Naturaleza sobre Concreto ༄ Nature over Concrete

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Naturaleza sobre Concreto ༄ Nature over Concrete
Nature Over  Concrete is a mural where I capture the organic form of the transmutation of the human with nature. The mural is a dimensional portal of healing energy for all beings, bringing warm natural organic essence on the cold urban concrete. Inspired by sharing creative ideas of social growth and love in urban spaces. Where the true essence returns to our consciousness a daily natural lifestyle. 
The mural Nature Over Concrete was created in the old Paradise theater about my beloved land where I was born in Borinken, in Rio Piedras Puerto Rico. The art mural is near the University of Puerto Rico. Where I like to contribute artistically in University environments because  it is a stage of life that can be very important in the development of human intellect; where we can share ideas that contribute to our future evolution.



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