Guerrero de la Luz ༄ Light Warrior

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Guerrero de la Luz ༄ Light Warrior
This painting is a portrait of a multi-dimensional intergalactic being that works with a race of infinite Universal Light beings. To counteract ignorance, the evil of illusory programs that have been created throughout the history of planet Earth. He is a warrior of the Light, a cosmic reprogrammer reconnecting human beings with the beauty and Light of his interior. His mission with human beings is through dreams or meditations, he usually illuminates dreams at night during lunar transitions or eclipses in space. Warrior of Light is a blue energy that can change form, transform into animals, symbols, and situations in our dreams so that we can heal the soul and remember our essence and place of organization in the cosmos. This race of blue energy bodies gives us the ability to have lucid dreams and astral travels through the Universe. As a way to navigate within ourselves discovering the truths in our inner secrets.



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