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Magia Dentro de Todo ༄ Magic Inside All
In meditation, the Goddess find her center — opening the heart to its purest emanation of energy. She heals her DNA, harmonizing her lineage roots from past lives and all her ancestors; balancing in her meditation her feminine and masculine parts that inhabit within herself. Immersing herself to her inner paradise that is connected to the entire Universe. 
In alignment, the Goddess puts her hands in the form of prayer in reverence to creation. Her hands are transformed into a corn cob that symbolizes prosperity in the different dimensions of life as a cultivation of our actions. Offering the sacred waters in gratitude to the Creator of Life as a ritual symbolizing the clarity and purity of the soul that lives within it— returning water to the world, to its community and family in high vibrations of healing energy from the Universe. Being one with the life cycles of Mother Earth. 
At the top of her head, the goddess has the blessing of the white flower, giving light to everything you visualize in the sacred temple of our inner silence.



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