EL Condor conoce al Aguila ༄ Condors Meets Eagle

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EL Condor conoce al Aguila ༄ Condors Meets Eagle
Condor meets the Eagle is an organic Land Art series of 3 art installations I created with stones on Costa Rica’s Pacific beach. I designed the installation while I was creating the art mural Pura Vida in Dominical, Costa Rica. At the end of the day, I was going to contemplate the sunsets on the beach. After a  few days of meditation on the beach, I noticed the variety of stones that the beach offers and wondered how it would be to reconfigure them in a healing art installation.  Naturally, the sea waves reconfigured the stones, once again in a natural new order. 
The art installation is inspired by an ancient indigenous prophecy called the Condor meets the Eagle, which  tells the story about  when the condor and the eagle meet in the sky. Native American and South American cultures were going to reconnect by exchanging their knowledge, wisdom, and their sacred ancestral medicines.

The work was done in Costa Rica, which is an ethnic and cultural bridge of . land that unites these two large land masses  that are South and North America. This artwork built on stone was a beautiful work of self-growth and healing. 
Through my professional journey and explorations around the world, I can observe in the different cultures of the world that this ancient prophecy is already manifested in our contemporary present reality — where indigenous ancestral medicines from all over America have expanded around the world.